Isn’t Love terrible? Think about it. As authors, we create these characters that we love, truly love, as if they were perfectly real, and then we do terrible things to them. We throw them into circumstances we would not wish on anyone. We drag them through the mud, destroy their reputations, kill their families, plunge them into the depths of the darkest emotional torment.
Then we force them to overcome. We pit them against all odds and make them struggle. Why? Are we trying to make them “relatable” to the reader? Are we voicing our own struggles and pain? Or is this a glimpse of something far deeper?
In this fallen world, the dynamic of love is not the same as it was when we were first created. Before the Fall, we had perfect communication from our hearts to God’s heart. We knew love in its purest form. But now, in order for our Father to reach across the chasm of ignorance and deception and bring us back to that connection with Him, He has to open our eyes. What does it take for us to open our eyes to the Truth?
Now, we who have read and listened to His Word know that God does not cause anyone to sin, or cause bad things to happen. But we do know He corrects/chastises/punishes every child He loves to keep them on the path that is best for them. And he allows us to deal with the consequences of our actions and the actions of others. God did not create us to be robots for Him to arbitrarily control whenever we do something He doesn’t want. No, perfect love is far more scandalous than that. You see, love is a choice. Love is free will. And the God who is love, loves us perfectly, which means we have an entirely free will. We get to choose His way, or our own.
God helps us stay in His way once we choose it, but He doesn’t force us. He wants us to keep looking to Him, relying on Him, loving Him. We have to keep choosing Him. Which brings us back to the misery we inflict through love.
The Bible says, “woe to those who have no trouble in this life, for they have received their reward!” (Luke 6:24 paraphrased)
Trouble comes to all, the righteous and the wicked alike. But for those of us who struggle against what this world throws at us and try to stay in the light of God’s love, we find the good that He promised to create out of all things for us who live according to His word. Sometimes the story we live is filled with terrible things. But just like our characters, we are living out this struggle with a purpose, and if we stay the course and believe in the pure heart of the Author of our lives, we will persevere through to a glorious end.
Then a new story begins…

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