In the stillness of any given moment, the origin of beauty is invisible to the eye. Beauty emanates from the spirit outward, and manifests itself in the physical. Like the wind, it is only seen when it moves.

But this concept we have decided in our earthly minds to be “beauty,” is really just a distraction. Being inherently beautiful is not bad or wrong or something to be ashamed of. But the emphasis the World has placed on something being a certain way in order to qualify as “beautiful” is nothing more than a device of the appetites to keep our minds off of the source.

The source of beauty lies deep in the spirit.

The perfect being you were intended to be is within you, and has nothing to do with your physical shell. Like the car you drive or the house you live in and whether or not it is new, attractive, highly functional; it doesn’t define who you are as its owner.

No, the beautiful you is spiritual.

Don’t scoff. I am not so idealistic to not realize how high-concept this sounds. We, men and women alike, have been steeped in a culture that bases its entire spectrum of reasoning on whether or not something (person, object, location, or concept) appeals to a certain aesthetic expectation. It doesn’t help matters that at least ninety five percent of the stimuli our brains take in from the world around us comes through the eyes.

Please listen carefully to what I say next. Visible beauty is not wrong or shameful in any way. It is something our Father invented and spoke into existence with the specific intent to enjoy. So where then lies the problem? Where did we go wrong and become so fixated on whether or not we think something is beautiful as to forget where it came from? One word.


Our human expectation is where we ruin much of the blessing our Father places before us. The young boy who convinces himself he’s getting a pet dragon for his birthday, cannot bring himself to cherish the bicycle that he receives, which could give him years of joy (not to mention his first taste of freedom to travel beyond the confines of the back yard).

It is also the reason so many relationships fail. We fall in love, then when time weathers away the initial euphoria, we begin to notice our expectations of the other person cannot possibly be fulfilled. So, still convinced that the answer to our expectations is out there, our eyes wander to find another candidate. And so the cycle continues, and we miss out on the incredible beauty that we first discovered when we fell in love from the start.

If we would dare to take off our crown of expectations, and lay it at the feet of Yeshua, the God of far more than we could ever think or imagine, we would see what He sees. We would receive the Father’s blessings and the unspeakable beauty they embody.


More on this later…

— Last

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